Rainbow Aura Quartz Druzy Spiralite Seashell

Rainbow Aura Quartz Druzy Spiralite Seashell

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Experience the energy and colorful rainbows on this Rainbow Aura Quartz Druzy Spiralite Seashell. This ancient fossilized seashell has naturally formed mini quartz crystals inside that radiates sparkles of light.

Spiralite is a crystallized 50-100 million year old gastropod seashell that was found on a hillside in the Dhar region of Madhya Pradesh state of central India. This area used to be submerged under the prehistoric sea called Tethys.

This seashell has a counter clockwise spiral on the apex that is highly coveted in Hindu cultures for it's connection with Lakshmi and Vishnu. The left coiling feature of this seashell fossil is a rare type called, dakshinavarta shankha, that is said to clear karma from past lives and bring prosperity and longevity.

This breathtaking specimen has been magically kissed with rainbow colors that shift when tilted back and forth under the light. Angel Aura Spiralite crystal gets it's metallic coloration from the permanent metal infusions of platinum, silver and traces of gold and titanium. The photos do not do this piece justice!

Angel Aura Spiralite holds the ancient energies of our Mother Earth for millions of years due to it's energetic imprint by being in water. (Water as we know by Dr. Masaru Emoto holds energetic frequencies that have been sonar influenced by the dolphin and whale guardians of the planet.)

The quartz drusy formed inside this fossilized seashell also amplifies and holds the energy through time as this Spiralite formed under the Earth. Use this special seashell for crystal grids, wire wraps, jewelry projects and during meditation.

Your Spiralite crystal will be carefully wrapped and ready to love!

1.7" x 1" x 0.7"
44mm x 25mm x 17mm
0.6oz / 19g

Due to the nature of computer monitor calibration, please expect minor color variations from what is seen in the photos to what is viewed in real life or in indoor lighting.