Radiant Golden Rutilated Quartz Silver Pendant

Radiant Golden Rutilated Quartz Silver Pendant

$111.00 USD
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Say hello to your new stunning Golden Rutilated Quartz statement pendant set in sterling silver. This pear shaped pendant has beautiful strands of golden rutile, also known as angel hair, that shine and gleam under sunlight. The gold rutilated strands rain down diagonally from the top like shooting stars.

This crystal is a top fav for manifesting abundance and prosperity. Wear this pendant to help set an intention for more good things to come in your life. Hold the pendant in your dominant hand and rub the crystal's surface to set your thought intentions through the inner rutile strands.

The photos show the pendant with different levels of LED lighting, including backlighting to see the translucency of the quartz. When you receive your pendant, take it outside under sunlight to experience its fullest potential.

1" x 0.7" x 0.3"
26mm x 18mm x 7mm

Full length with Bail:
1.4" / 36mm

Weight: 7g

Photos taken under LED lighting and shown at different light intensities. Once you receive your pendant, please take it outside under sunlight or shine a flashlight upon it to reveal its true radiance. Regular ambient indoor lighting will not do justice to the true potential of the featured crystal.

This listing is for the pendant only. Want a chain to go with your pendant? Choose your fav chain here.