Quartz Crystal Power Ring - Size 5

Quartz Crystal Power Ring - Size 5

$49.00 USD
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You'll love the shine and sparkle of this Quartz Crystal Power Ring set in 925 sterling silver. This large oval faceted statement ring will give you an empowered energy boost in your chakras when you need it throughout the day and during your healing work.

This natural Quartz crystal ring has small inclusions as seen in the photos that prove this is genuine quartz. An open back design allows the quartz's healing properties to energize your aura and strengthen your hand nadis. Wear on your dominant hand for most effective use. Arrives with a box.

Ring Sizes: 5

Crystal: 0.67" x 0.55" x .39"
(17mm x 14mm x 10mm)
Band Width: 0.16" (4mm)

Watch a video of these Quartz cocktail rings HERE.