Pyrite and Quartz Sphere 2.8" Collector Geode

Pyrite and Quartz Sphere 2.8" Collector Geode

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You'l love the empowering vibes of this Pyrite and Quartz Sphere with reflective geometric crystal formations, quartz inclusions and a polished exterior. Adds a golden touch of gold metallic luxury to your sacred space with this sparkling collector crystal ball. Pyrite's iron content helps with energetic grounding and energetic protection. 

Work with Pyrite in meditation to unify the crown, solar plexus and root chakra energies. This Pyrite crystal sphere is useful for attracting your heart's desires and as a centerpiece for manifestation crystal grids! Also makes a wonderful gift idea for a housewarming, wedding gift, birthday or for the holidays.

Dimensions: 2.8" x 2.8" x 2.5"
71mm W x 70mm D x 63mm H
Weight: 1.5 lb (664g)
Origin: Peru

How to Use Pyrite:
- Place in abundance and prosperity grids, crystal trays or by a money intention candle.
- Hold during meditation for self-empowerment, motivation and positivity.
- Use in the "metal" section of your home for feng shui activation of that area.