Premium Carnelian Palm Stone for Endurance

Premium Carnelian Palm Stone for Endurance

$8.00 USD
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Add a stunning Carnelian palm stone to your crystal collection!

These premium polished natural crystals exhibit various shades of orange. Some include banding and quartz inclusions.

Your palm stone will be intuitively chosen from available stock.


Length Range: 1.8" / 45mm
Width Range: 1.4" / 35mm
Thickness: 0.6" / 15mm

Origin: Brazil

Carnelian is loved for enhancing:
→ Creativity and optimism
→ Vitality and passion
→ Endurance and motivation

Ways to work with Carnelian:
→ Hold this crystal in meditation and focus on sending orange colored light to your sacral chakra. Or place it near your sacral area while laying down.
→ Keep Carnelian by the lower part of your yoga mat for added energy and centering. Preferably in the area where your sacral area will be near.
→ Perfect for artists, writers, dancers, designers and content creators for providing creative inspiration.