Ocean Jasper Palm Stone for Manifestation

Ocean Jasper Palm Stone for Manifestation

$8.00 USD
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Set adrift on a wave of bliss and uplift your spirits with an Ocean Jasper palm stone.

Choose your fav color theme by selecting the color name of either:

💜 Purple "Coral" Mix
💛 Yellow "Submarine" Mix
💚Green "Kelp" Mix

Or get a set of all three colors to create your own Ocean Jasper palm stone rainbow collection! Each piece is unique and may be blended with other colors. The main prominent color of a piece will be categorized accordingly.

🐠 Purple palm stone color range seen in photos #4-6.

🐠 Yellow palm stone color range seen in photo #8.

🐠 Green palm stone color range seen in photo #5 (at tip of fingers) and photo #7.

    Approximate size range:

    Length: 2" / 50mm
    Width: 1.6" / 40mm
    Thickness: 0.4" / 10mm
    Weight: ~30g

    Smooth and polished. Features a slight worry stone style "concave indentation" where you can place your thumb during meditation.

    Lays flat for energy work layouts and grids. Easy to carry for travel.

    Suggestions for Meditation Layout:

    • Place a Purple Ocean Jasper on the third eye chakra.
    • Place a Green Ocean Jasper on the heart chakra.
    • Place a Yellow Ocean Jasper on the lower chakra areas.
    • Envision yourself floating in the water and allowing your worries to be carried away by the ocean currents!

    Your crystal will be intuitively chosen. If you would like something specific, please leave a message and I'll do my best to help with your request.

    Origin: Madagascar