Nuummite Round Sterling Silver Pendant

Nuummite Round Sterling Silver Pendant

$222.00 USD
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Wear this beautiful rare genuine Nuummite pendant for energetic protection.

This round Nuummite crystal pendant has flashy inclusions of Gedrite and Anthophyllite.

When you receive your pendant, take it out under sunlight to reveal the gold and blue flashes. If you're indoors and it's not sunny outside, use a flashlight.

Beware of imitation Nuummite being sold online. You're getting the real deal Sorcerer's Stone in this pendant. Greenland Nuummite is one of the oldest crystals in our realm at over 3 billion years old!

Your Nuummite pendant will be a treasured crystal in your collection that you can pass on to loved ones. Wear during your meditation sessions to unloc k ancient wisdom.

1.1" x 1.1" x 0.3"
27mm x 27mm x 7mm
Length with bail: 1.3" / 32mm
Weight: 11g

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Moh's Hardness: 5.5 - 6
Origin: Greenland
Element: Storm, Earth

For Best Care:
Store your Nuummite pendant in a sealed jewelry box or anti-tarnish silver protective pouch when not in use to prevent oxidation on the silver.

*This pendant is genuine authentic Greenland Nuummite. Please be aware that Coppernite or Arfvedsonite is sometimes incorrectly sold as Nuummite. Genuine Nuummite has elongated flashes that are gold, bronze, silver or blue, or have a mixture of colors combined. The iridescent inclusions are irregularly shaped. Make sure you're buying the real deal that is offered in this listing and not fake

Comes with a box. Chain sold separately: Choose your fav chain here. Chain styles that fit with this pendant are: Wheat, Criss Cross and Rope