Mermaid Crystal Seashell Ring - Fits Size 6.5 & 7

Mermaid Crystal Seashell Ring - Fits Size 6.5 & 7

$170.00 USD
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Say hello to your new Mermaid Crystal Seashell Ring set in sterling silver. This ancient seashell is also known as Spiralite and has been encrusted with natural quartz over millions of years and sparkles under the sunshine!

Spiralite comes from India and was once underwater in a prehistoric sea called Tethys. This crystal fossilized gastropod holds 50-100 millions of years of Earth frequencies from the energetic imprints of the ocean waters. As the late Dr. Masaru Emoto has taught us, water holds energy. The oceans of our Earth have been influenced by cosmic forces and healing sonar frequencies from dolphin and whale guardians of the planet.

The Spiralite crystal shell in this stunning ring has a counter-clockwise spiral on the apex that is treasured in the Hindu belief system and shares a connection to Lakshmi and Vishnu. The left coiled spiral feature of this seashell is a rarity and is called, Dakshinavarta Shankha, which is said to clear karma while also bringing wealth and vitality.

Ring Size: Fits fingers sized 6.5 - 7
Dimensions of Crystal Spiralite:
1.18" x 0.67" x 0.59"
30mm x 17mm x 15mm
Width of band at lowest part: 0.16" (4mm)