Lepidolite Heart Palm Stone 1.2"

Lepidolite Heart Palm Stone 1.2"

$8.00 USD
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Receive ONE beautiful Lepidolite purple pocket heart crystal!

Choose your fav purple color in the drop down menu, or get each color type so you have a nice set of varying tones!

Color Tones Available:
*See photos and tap the color names above to see the photos change.

💜 Lavender Purple
💜 Iris Purple
💜 Grape Purple
💜 Marble Purple - A natural mix of light and darker tones

Lepidolite's lithium and mica elements are perfect for providing calming energies during anxious moments. Lepidolite is a great meditation crystal to use for third eye work, parallel life meditations and to relieve stress after a long hard day.

Lepidolite is a must have for your crystal healing collection. Keep it by your bedside table or tuck it inside your pillow case for vivid dreams and dream recall.

Width: ~1.2" / 30mm
Thickness: ~0.6" / 15mm

Moh's hardness: 2.5 - 4
Chakras: Third Eye Chakra
Origins: Brazil

Best method of cleansing - sound or sage. Avoid getting this crystal wet for best care. Arrives carefully wrapped and ready to love!