Larimar Rondelle 130 Beads 4-6mm

Larimar Rondelle 130 Beads 4-6mm

$50.00 USD
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Receive a set of smooth rondelle Larimar beads. You will receive about 130 loose beads in a pouch to use for your jewelry and craft purposes.

These round natural blue undyed Larimar beads exude calming and cooling energy. See the photos for how these beads will look if you create them into a necklace or bracelet.

These Larimar beads are special because they were taken out into the Pacific Ocean to be sonar blessed by wild common dolphins that approached the boat. I've worn my own larimar jewelry a few times by the ocean and dolphins have appeared when I set an intention for them to show up.

I did the same technique when getting these Larimar beads dolphin blessed and I sent my gratitude to them when they came in a huge pod! Wear this water element necklace as a beacon and symbol of your love for the ocean, dolphin energy and the golden age of Atlantis.

Larimar is a form of blue Pectolite with volcanic origins. It's found only in the Caribbean, specifically from the Dominican Republic. There is something truly magical about this crystal that was predicted to appear in our lifetimes by the world famous psychic, Edgar Cayce.

Create a Larimar necklace with these beads and wear them over your neck area to enhance the throat chakra and high heart chakra. This crystal is known to promote calm communication and diffuses stressed out emotions.

A quality beads with beautiful color, subtle marbling and minimal dark brown hematite spots.

Bead Size Range:
4-6mm diameter
2-3mm thick

Mohs hardness: 4.5 - 5