Larimar Marbled Silver Pendant

Larimar Marbled Silver Pendant

$144.00 USD
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This Larimar Marbled Silver Pendant is a special one because it was taken out to the Pacific Ocean to be sonar blessed by wild dolphins. The photos in this listing include some shots of the dolphins that came to imbue their energies upon this Larimar pendant.

I love wearing my Larimar pendant when I'm by the ocean because dolphins 9 times out of 10 show up when I set an intention of love out to them. I felt called to do something special for some of the Larimar jewelry in my shop and did this technique to receive a dolphin blessing! I was filled with gratitude for these magical beings when they joyfully arrived in a numerous pods a total of three times during the duration of the boat trip!

Wear this marbled turtle back patterned Larimar crystal pendant to keep the ocean close to your heart and to connect you to beings in the sea. The teardrop pear shaped design features an open-back for energetic flow. This pendant can help assist the throat chakra area while helping one to better manage their stress and emotions.


Larimar Cabochon:
1" x 0.7" x 0.3"
26mm x 18mm x 7mm

Total Length of Pendant:
1.7" (42mm)

Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
Chain sold separately.