Larimar Dolphin Blessed Pendant

Larimar Dolphin Blessed Pendant

$225.00 USD
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The ultimate crystal pendant to wear for mermaid and Ocean lovers! This Larimar Dolphin Sonar Blessed Pendant was taken out into the Pacific Ocean to be sonar blessed by wild common dolphins that approached the boat. 

I've worn my own Larimar pendant a few times by the ocean and dolphins have appeared when I set an intention for them to show up. I did the same technique when getting this Larimar sterling silver pendant to be dolphin blessed. I sent my gratitude to them and shortly they arrived in a huge pod with so much loving energy! Wear this large beauty as a beacon and symbol of your love for the ocean, dolphin energy and the golden age of Atlantis.

The soothing blue marble patterning of this water element crystal is characteristic of high grade larimar and can symbolize a blissful ocean escape every time you gaze upon it. Larimar comes from the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic, and it is commonly referred to as Dolphin Stone. Hold this pendant during meditation to connect with dolphins, whales and Atlantean energies. Wear this crystal pendant to boost communication and to promote calming energy during times of stress. Chain sold separately and the pendant comes with a velvet sleeper bag and keepsake box.

1.22" x .94" x .31" (31mm x 24mm x 8mm)
Length w Bail: 1.89" (48mm) Weight 17g
Origin: Dominican Republic