Larimar Dolphin Blessed Beaded Necklace

Larimar Dolphin Blessed Beaded Necklace

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These Larimar beaded necklaces are special because they were taken out over the Pacific Ocean to be sonar blessed by wild dolphins! Check out some of the photos of the dolphins that came to imbue their energies upon these necklaces. The blue undyed rondelle beads of these Larimar necklaces can help bring calm and cooling vibes to it's wearer.

I love wearing Larimar jewelry when I'm near or over the ocean. Dolphins often appear when I send out intentions of love to be in their presence! I performed the same technique to have these Larimar necklaces blessed with dolphin energy. 3 large pods of dolphins came to visit the boat at different moments throughout this particular trip blessing!

Wear this water element necklace as a beacon and symbol of your love for the ocean, dolphin energy and the golden age of Atlantis. Larimar is a type of blue Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. This magical crystal was predicted to appear in our lifetimes by the famous psychic, Edgar Cayce.

Choose from 3 different sizes:
*Availability varies. I only have one of each.

OPTION 1: 6mm Thin Beads
Total Length with clasp: 19.75" (50cm)
Bead Size: 6mm diameter (0.2") and 2-3mm thick (0.08" - 0.1")

OPTION 2: 6mm Thicker Beads
Total Length with clasp: 19.75" (50cm)
Bead Size: 6mm diameter (0.2") and 3-4mm thick (0.1" - 0.2")

OPTION 3: 7mm Thicker Beads
Total Length with clasp: 19.25" (49cm)
Bead Size: 7mm diameter (0.3") and 2-5mm thick (0.08" - 0.2")

925 Sterling Silver lobster clasp and adjustable chain loops to choose your desired length. Beads strung on silver beading wire.

To make this necklace even more special, this Larimar crystal necklace was also charged at a secret sacred vortex on a South Pacific island that was part of ancient Lemuria (as shown in a few of the bright sunny photos). This is truly an ocean treasure you will love!