Larimar Baby Dolphin Blessed Sphere

Larimar Baby Dolphin Blessed Sphere

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Say hello to this very special baby dolphin blessed Larimar Sphere. Hold this collector crystal during past life regressions and meditations to connect with Atlantean and dolphin energies. You'll love the aquatic water-like marbled patterns on this round polished crystal that comes only from the Dominican Republic under the Caribbean waters

This Larimar Sphere was taken out to the Pacific Ocean under a full moon in Pisces. It was sonar blessed by wild common dolphins that approached the boat. 

I love wearing Larimar by the ocean. Dolphins usually appear when I set an intention to see them. I did this same technique to get this Larimar sphere blessed. With gratitude, a large family pod with numerous week old "baby dolphins" showed up! See the photos of some of the video capture that was taken.

Also, called the Dolphin Stone, this crystal is beneficial for throat chakra soothing and providing cooling energies to diffuse inflammation, fevers and allergic reactions.

This Larimar crystal ball has a nice compact size that is also easy to carry or hold for meditation or energy work.

There are minimal brown areas on this sphere, unlike lower grade spheres on the market. The only spot that has brown in this sphere is shown on the second to last photo.

Crystal Size: 1.4" (36mm)
Weight: 2.5oz (70g)