Round Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone

Round Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone

$20.00 USD
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Receive one genuine round Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone. Carry Lapis Lazuli to empower, encourage and strengthen your intuitive abilities. Work with this palm stone in dream time, meditation and crystal healing layout sessions.

Size Range:

1.6 - 1.7" wide and 0.4 - 0.7" thick
[40 - 43mm wide and 11 - 17mm thick]

Genuine, undyed and all natural, these Lapis Lazuli crystal palm stones have deep blue Lazurite crystal that grew underground with calcite and pyrite inclusions. Carry your smooth polished Lapis palm stone with you throughout the day or place it under your pillow at night.

Considered a stone of royalty, Cleopatra realized the potential of this stone and loved lapis lazuli so much that during her reign she lined her palace walls with thick slabs of lapis and even wore it ground up to use as eye shadow. These palm stones have a nice puffy shape with smooth sides compared to flatter and smaller palm stones on the market.

Your third eye chakra boosting Lapis Lazuli pocket stone will be intuitively chosen for you, carefully wrapped and ready to love. The photos represent a range and view of what to expect for your order.