Flashy Labradorite Pocket Palm Stone

Flashy Labradorite Pocket Palm Stone

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These flashy Labradorite Pocket Palm Stones exhibit gorgeous colorful chatoyancy. The colors exhibited in these crystals may include: kiwi green, aqua blue, cobalt blue, tangerine and gold. See each photo for variances.

Labradorite crystals shield the aura from unwanted influence and boost intuition. Makes a thoughtful surprise gift for the empath in your life too. These pocket sized small polished labradorite palm stones will mesmerize you and help you to see the light in all situations. Labradorite is like a chameleon. The coloration varies in different lighting, indoors and outside in the sunshine. Tilt your piece in the light to see the color flash magically appear.


Palm Stone A: (Blue Flash Pill Shaped)
39mm x 25mm x 19mm

Palm Stone B: (Rainbow Flash Puffy Shape)
36mm x 31mm x 21mm

Palm Stone C: (Kiwi, Apple Green, Aqua Flash Flatter Shape)
37mm x 35mm x 15mm

Palm Stone D: (Kiwi, Apple Green, Blue Flash Puffy Shape)
37mm x 31mm x 24mm

Origin: Madagascar