Labradorite Large Centerpiece

Labradorite Large Centerpiece

$250.00 USD
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This Labradorite large centerpiece crystal exhibits gorgeous blue flash. When sunlight hits this piece you'll also see aqua blue as well.

6.5" x 6.5" x 2.5"  (165mm x 165mm x 64mm) 
~8 lbs / 3.6kg

Labradorite Properties:
-- Aura protection and alignment
-- Protection against negativity
-- Boosts intuition and psychic abilities
-- Chakra balancing

Placement Suggestions:
-- Display in your entry way for home protection.
-- Place it on your desk for auric protection when you work.
-- Keep by your bedside for protection while sleeping and dreaming.

I've included a few vid screen shots of this piece with sun shining on it. See photos #3 and #6.