Labradorite Aqua Blue Flashy Pendant

Labradorite Aqua Blue Flashy Pendant

$125.00 USD
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This stunning Labradorite Aqua Blue Flashy Pendant is set in 925 sterling silver. This premium flash beauty glows mermaid sea-foam blue-green in the sunshine. Move the crystal back and forth to see it's inner light and absorb it's color healing energy. Wear a Labradorite pendant for energetic protection and to help balance your chakras.

1.38" x 1.02" x .20" (35mm x 26mm x 5mm)
Length w Bail: 2.05" (52mm)   Weight: 12g

This gorgeous Labradorite Crystal Pendant will arrive carefully gift wrapped and ready to wear. When you receive your pendant, take it outside to experience it's maximum potential.

Labradorite Properties:
→ Boosts intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and psychic abilities.
→ Use for astral travel and connecting with your spirit guides.
→ Access to the Akashic records and past life recall.
→ Powerful protective crystal that is great for empaths and protecting your aura.