Labradorite Baby Dolphin Palm Stone

Labradorite Baby Dolphin Palm Stone

$85.00 USD
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Crystal and dolphin lovers, say hello to your new baby Labradorite Dolphin palm stone sculpture! Stands upright and has a flat base. You'll love the various colorful tones this crystal carving exudes under sunlight.

This animal totem crystal would be a perfect gift for dolphin lovers and lovers of the sea. Hold the dolphin in your receiving hand during meditation and use it as a symbol for your love of the oceans and water energies! If you have an affinity towards mermaids, Atlantis or Lemuria, this is the perfect crystal for you! Labradorite is a stone of magical light. It reflects light from within to provide one with auric protection and awakening powers.

Keep this dolphin on your desk, sacred space or give it as a thoughtful gift for one of your loved ones who have water element signs in their natal chart!

2.2" x 2" x 1.5" (56mm x 50mm x 39mm)
5.2 oz (146g) Origin: Madagascar
Flash Colors: Blue, Aqua, Gold, Orange

Your baby dolphin crystal will arrive carefully gift wrapped and ready to love!

As with any crystal sculpture, please take care in handling the dolphin. I would recommend gentle holding or placing the sculpture in your sacred space without any busy hands or paws.