Iolite Sunstone Large 5" Sphere with Stand

Iolite Sunstone Large 5" Sphere with Stand

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Say hello to your new large deep blue Iolite and Sunstone crystal sphere! This premium polished sparkly jumbo crystal ball is perfect for strengthening your intuition and creativity.

This all natural iolite with sunstone has inner shimmer and make this sphere look like a crystallized galaxy! The subtle starry sparkles come from sunstone and hematite inclusions that grew naturally within the crystal.

Iolite is a third eye chakra crystal that helps to boost intuition. Sunstone enhances lower chakra energetic work, and the hematite inclusions help create a flow of energy from the top of the energy column down through the Earth Star chakra.

The natural fusion of this Iolite-Sunstone sphere strengthens intuitive and creative energies. Perfect for creatives who need to manifest their ideas into reality. If you're a content creator or in an creative field - artist, dancer, creative director, blogger, songwriter, etc. - this is the crystal tool for you!

Iolite-Sunstone was mentioned in the revised update of The Book of Stones and I found these summarized qualities most intriguing:

- Invokes lucid dreaming and interdimensional travel. Perfect for starseeds!
- Allowing self-discipline to achieve one's goals from inspiration to conception to manifestation.
- Promotes courage to work on a life that changes things for the better.
- Communicate easier with spirit guides.
- Aids with enhancing metabolism for improving body goals.

Get this special crystal sphere today or gift it to a loved one as a meaningful gift. Comes with an intricately hand carved wood stand from Madagascar.

5" (12 cm)
5.8 lbs / 2.6 kg
*Photos include the sphere beside a small 14lb dog to see size comparison.

Moh's Hardness: 7 - 7.5
Origin: India

Your gorgeous Blue Iolite Sunstone crystal sphere and stand will arrive carefully wrapped and ready to love.

Photos taken outdoors in natural sunlight to show the beautiful sparkles that reside within the crystal.