Indigo Gabbro - Mystic Merlinite Sphere

Indigo Gabbro - Mystic Merlinite Sphere

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Add a beautiful Indigo Gabbro Crystal Sphere to your crystal collection. Also known as Mystic Merlinite, this is one of my top recommended energetic bodyguard crystals. Mystic Merlinite formed under the oceans 150 million years ago. Indigo Gabbro captures and releases harmful energies, while strengthening your intuitive abilities.

I once had a dream where a wise old woman appeared that brought me to an underground cave with basket loads of crystals. She advised me that Mystic Merlinite and Nuummite are more protective than crystals like Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Smokey Quartz. Since working with Mystic Merlinite after my dream message, my life shifted in so many ways!

Hold or place one under your pillow to protect you while you dream. For empaths, the dark patches serve as grounding protection that incorporates dark green olivine that boosts the heart chakra.

Indigo Gabbro is a collective crystal community stone composed of feldspar, chlorite, serpentine, muscovite, pyroxene, hercynite, and magnetite. (Octahedral magnetite is the crystal found inside the brain that helps with psychic abilities btw!) There may also be inclusions of olivine, chrome garnet, actinolite and biotite. Amounts of chromium, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, platinum, and copper sulfides.

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