Indigo Blue Ammolite Pendant

Indigo Blue Ammolite Pendant

$175.00 USD
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Wear the galaxy near your heart with this stunning Canadian Ammolite rainbow pendant! This mysterious stunner flashes out colors of purple, turquoise and indigo blue. The color healing energies of this pendant help one to balance their emotional nature while staying confident and empowered. Ammolite is an organic gemstone that resembles the rainbow-like nature of opal crystals. Ammolite is primarily found in Alberta, Canada. It is made of the fossilized seashells of ammonites, which are composed primarily of aragonite (the same aragonite as the aragonite star clusters! So cool!). I find the iridescence and rainbow spectrum similarities of ammolite and opal intriguing as they are water based crystals. Ammolite shells once lived in our Earth's oceans and opal contains some water content.

*This pendant's back side has a solid matrix base that the ammolite is fused onto. The back is not cracked, the markings have occurred naturally within the matrix base when drying. I have adjusted pricing accordingly for this discrepancy.

1.42" x 1.10" (36mm x 24mm)
Length w Bail: 2.09" (53mm)

The ammolite crystal of this pendant has a protective surface layer. Ammolite is a super thin crystal so it needs this surface layer to be worn in jewelry. This is typical of most ammolite jewelry. Please refrain from getting the pendant wet. Remove during swimming, bathing, showering.