Gold Black Kyanite Phoenix Wing 3.5"

Gold Black Kyanite Phoenix Wing 3.5"

$65.00 USD
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Say hello to your new stunning Gold Kyanite Crystal Wand crystal! Infused with gold, this black kyanite raw specimen shines metallic golden tones. I love hand picking Kyanite that resembles feathers! Black Kyanite reminds me of raven feathers. Gold Kyanite however, reminds me of the mystical Golden Phoenix's feathers in crystallized form!

The gold metal element and gold color energy rays represent abundance, manifestation and prosperity. Use Gold Kyanite for cutting unwanted energy cords. Kyanite with Gold has a stronger effect that regular kyanite because the gold element brings amplification. Feel energetically lighter when using Gold Kyanite versus regular kyanite for energetic cord release. Maintaining your energies is crucial in an awakened conscious lifestyle and if you're an empath who has to be around people daily, it's important to release energy cords daily.

Your Gold Kyanite Crystal Wand will arrive gift wrapped for a loved one. Or treat yourself with this crystal as a gratitude gift of self love and healing!

3.31" x 1.18" x .67"
84mm x 30mm x 17mm
1.48oz / 42g