Genuine Shooting Star Moldavite Adjustable Ring

Genuine Shooting Star Moldavite Adjustable Ring

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Feel the cosmic energies with this Genuine Moldavite Shooting Star Ring. Features a round cut faceted Moldavite and stering silver star wrap around band.

Moldavite lovers have described that the energies of faceted Moldavite can be better felt than raw Moldavite. If you have a hard time experiencing the cosmic energy of Moldavite, consider wearing a faceted ring. This starseed statement ring design wraps gracefully around the finger in the same way the solar system travels through space in a spiral! 

Wear this beautiful green tektite to shed what no longer serves you while you rise into a heightened state of cosmic consciousness. This cosmic "kryptonite" tektite ring came from the remants of an ancient meteoric impact in Czechoslovakia.

A perfect statement ring for starseeds and galactic explorers. Moldavite is said to awaken one's gifts and dissolve energy blocks. The cosmic energy of Moldavite can be intense and create quick changes in your life. It can raise the vibration of your energy system while boosting the third eye and heart chakras. Wear the ring periodically until your body gets acclimates to it's energy.

Moldavite Size: 
0.2" (6mm)
Band width: 0.08" (2mm)

Ring Size:
Size 9 (can fit between a size 8 - 10)
*Band is slightly adjustable

What is said about Moldavite:
→ Use for activating the third eye and heart chakras.
→ Accelerates spiritual and synchronistic life experiences.
→ Wear during astral travel and lucid dreaming.

♥ Wear Moldavite only when you're healthy and balanced. Moldavite has high vibes and can cause dizziness or make you feel overheated if you wear it for too long. Use your intuition for best use and perhaps carry or wear a grounding crystal as well.