Genuine Nuummite Tumbled - Sorceror's Stone

Genuine Nuummite Tumbled - Sorceror's Stone

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Genuine Nuummite tumbled "Sorcerer's Stone" crystals will bring magical protective energies into your life! Three billion year old Nuummite hails from Nuuk, Greenland and is considered the true Sorcerer's Stone. Beware of imitation nuummite crystals being sold online. The authentic Nuummite you will receive from Crystal Rock Star contains irregular thunderbolt shaped chatoyant flash specks.

Each tumbled Nuummite offered is mainly black with a few flashy bronze and/or bluish thunderbolts of gedrite and anthophyllite. Please expect variations in color and texture on the surface. Some pieces may even have quartz or pyrite inclusions that naturally grew with the Nuummite underground.

Check out the 4th photo comparison shot to see the difference of what's between true and fake nuummite being sold on the market. Bronzite, astrophyllite, biotitic anthophyllite/coppernite and arfvedsonite are mistakenly sold as genuine Greenland nuummite. When you receive your nuummite, bring it outdoors under sunlight to fully observe it's unique magical energies.

Dimension Range:
.98" - 1.25" wide (25-32mm)    
.39" - .67" thick (10-17mm)

Moh's Hardness: 5.5 - 6 
Element: Storm, Earth

Crystal Tip: Imitation nuummite from China has shiny flecks that are copper colored with flecks shaped like short rounded rectangles or square type flecks. Genuine nuummite has wide or elongated thunder bolt shaped chatoyant flash specks that are colored gold, green or blue, or have a mixture of these colors combined.