Genuine Nuummite Stretch Bracelet

Genuine Nuummite Stretch Bracelet

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Strengthen your inner powers by rocking a genuine Nuummite stretch bracelet. You're getting the real deal Sorcerer's Stone and not the fake Nuummite that is prevalent online. This is the perfect jewelry piece to wear for empaths, starseeds and magical people who need a strong energy shield of protection against the bad vibes out there!

Standard size: 7"
Chip length range: 7mm - 11mm

Nuummite is the oldest crystal on this planet at 3 billion years old and hails from Nuuk, Greenland. The polished chip beads are black like the night sky and have starry specks of gedrite and anthophyllite. 

Due to the natural crystal material, each bracelet is unique and will be intuitively chosen for you. Each bead is unique in shape and hole placement varies. Some beads in the bracelet may exhibit chatoyant specks and various textures and shapes throughout the bead surface. These bracelets will be an added treasure in your crystal bracelet collection.

To maintain bracelet integrity, please gently remove to prevent overstretching or breakage. Comes with a gift box.