Genuine Nuummite Sphere Premium Greenland Crystal

Genuine Nuummite Sphere Premium Greenland Crystal

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Say hello to your new genuine premium flashy Nuummite Sphere for your crystal ball collection!

Also known as the Sorcerer's Stone, this crystal is 3 billion years old and is one of the oldest crystals on this planet. This magical crystal hails from Nuuk, Greenland and was recently discovered in 1982.

Discover Nuummite's ancient energies in past life regressions, dream work and meditation. This Nuummite sphere is primarily black with numerous gold, silvery bronze and rare blue flash inclusions. Because this crystal has been hand formed from a larger piece of natural genuine Nuummite, please expect variations in color and texture on the surface.

When you receive your Nuummite crystal sphere, take it out in the sunshine to fully appreciate its unique flashy beauty.

19mm / 0.5" diameter
Weight: 3g

Moh's Hardness: 5.5 - 6
Origin: Greenland
Element: Storm, Earth

Your rare Nuummite flashy sphere will be carefully wrapped and ready to love!

Read more about why Nuummite is so protective and its inclusion in the Crystals for Protection Guide.

***This crystal offering is genuine authentic Nuummite. Please be aware that imitation Nuummite is sold on the market. I've seen local restaurants that have counter top tables made out of this material. The imitation kind has shiny copper flecks in jagged rectangular or square shape. Premium genuine Nuummite has elongated thunderbolt shaped flashy specks that are bronze, silver, gold, green or blue, or may have a mixture of these colors combined. These iridescent inclusions are irregularly shaped and come from Greenland only. Make sure you're buying the real deal that is offered in this shop and not fake nuummite that is commonly mistaken from astrophyllite, arfvedsonite or coppernite.