Chunky Genuine Elite Noble Silver Shungite

Chunky Genuine Elite Noble Silver Shungite

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Receive one genuine shiny metallic chunky Noble Shungite crystal. Also known as Crystal Shungite, Elite Shungite or Silver Shungite.

This shungite is considered the best quality shungite with a 70-94% carbon content rating containing more fullerenes.

These pieces come from the Zazhoginskoye deposit, near Lake Onega, in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia.


Length: 1.4" - 2.6" (35mm - 65mm)
Width: 1.2" - 1.7" (31mm - 43mm)
Weight: 26-42g

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Like all shungite, these crystals may leave some slight black carbon dust on your fingers, but it is considerably less than the lower quality form of shungite which has a duller appearance. The dust comes off easily, so nothing to worry about. Or you may wash it under water to easily solve the problem.