Rare Rainbow Star Garnet Palm Stone

Rare Rainbow Star Garnet Palm Stone

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Say hello to your new rare Rainbow Star Garnet Palm Stone crystal with some semi-translucent areas and gorgeous inner sparkles naturally embedded within.

The photos don't do this palm stone justice! Take your Star Garnet outside to find the hidden star rays when you tilt it downwards at the right angle.

One side has a double star rainbow ray formation. The other side that has the more semi-translucent areas has a single rainbow ray. This piece has a total of 3 rays.

The natural burgundy wine color of this Almandine Garnet palm stone that can help give you an energy boost and increase vitality.

2.9" x 1.9" x 0.4"
(74mm x 48mm x 11mm)
3.1oz / (88g)

Take this crystal out in the sun to see its fullest sparkle potential and to reveal the inner rainbow star lines. The rays do not show up under indoor light. They appear best under the power of the sun. Arrives gift wrapped and ready to love.

Work with Garnet in meditation and energy healing sessions. Lays flat compared to tumbled or dodecahedron garnets that may roll off the body.

Place this palm stone at the base of your yoga mat to help you stay grounded and balanced during difficult poses.

Due to the natural material of this garnet palm stone crystal, please expect internal fissure lines on one of the sides as seen in the photos. There is also an small indentation on one edge.