Gem Lepidolite Luminous Palm Stone

Gem Lepidolite Luminous Palm Stone

$359.00 USD
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You'll love holding this luminous Gem Lepidolite palm stone. This polished breathtaking Lepidolite lingam has mirror reflective shine on both sides and is a crystal collector's dream come true! Shades of purple and lavender will delight the senses when you tilt this beauty back and forth under sunlight.

You'll love the semi-translucent gemmy areas and amplifying quartz inclusions in this crystal.

The large Gem Lepidolite crystal is a must have meditation crystal to hold during third eye activations, regressions and intentional dream work. Lepidolite is one of my top fav crystals because it never fails to assist with vivid dreams and dream recall.

Consider this crystal a treasured addition for your collection that you will enjoy for years to come. Makes a thoughtful gift for a stressed out soul or someone who needs help during the anxious times in life.

Size: 3.1" x 1.4" x 1.6" (79mm x 36mm x 40mm)
Weight: 6oz / 171g

Chakras: Third Eye
Origins: Brazil

Best method of cleansing - sound or smudging. Avoid dropping or getting this palm stone wet for best care.

Arrives carefully wrapped and ready to love. When you receive your gem Lepidolite crystal, take it outside under the sun to experience its maximum potential or take a flashlight to it if you're indoors.