Gem Lepidolite Jumbo Palm Stone 3"

Gem Lepidolite Jumbo Palm Stone 3"

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Say hello to your new fav Gem Lepidolite Jumbo Palm Stone! This Gem Lepidolite crystal reflects chatoyant purple and lavender tones when tilted back and forth. 

The lithium and mica in Lepidolite help calm one's energies during anxiety attacks and stressful moments. Lepidolite is a great meditation crystal to hold during intuitive work, parallel life meditations and dream work. The soap bar shape symbolizes the washing away of ones fears and worries.

This jumbo sized Gem Lepidolite palm stone will be a treasured addition in your crystal healing collection. Place it by your bedside table or tuck it at the bottom of your pillow case for vivid dreams and dream recall.

View the photos to see the reflective and gem quality of this Gem Lepidolite jumbo palm stone. When the reflective shine hits my camera (as shown in photo #6), it darkens the background instantly! As seen in the photos, one side has diagonal natural striations that can be felt as a slight ridge with the finger. This is all natural and part of the crystal's structure.

3" x 2.2" x 0.7"
75mm x 53mm x 17mm
4.1oz / 116g
Origin: India

Cleanse with sound or sage. Avoid getting this palm stone wet for best care. Comes gift wrapped and ready to love!