4 Ray Star Garnet Sterling Silver Pendant

4 Ray Star Garnet Sterling Silver Pendant

$199.00 USD
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This breathtaking Star Almandine Garnet crystal pendant is a unique crystal treasure that you'll love wearing! Not all garnet pendants exhibit this four star pattern, so you'll adore this special treasure!

The red burgundy color and energetic properties of this crystal are an excellent tool for root chakra work, grounding and heart-centered meditations. Natural Star Garnet pendants with a nicely aligned star are hard to come by so if you're called to this crystal, add it to your collection today!

When you receive your Star Garnet pendant, take it outside and hold it up to the sun you can see the beautiful star lines that hover above the crystal. The star lines are reminiscent of the Earth's ley lines that traverse around the planet!

It is truly a magical sight to see due to the mineral structure of the crystal reflecting light back out to you. Garnet is one of only three crystals that have a single refraction property (the other two are diamond and spinel).

🌟 1.1" x 0.8" x 0.4"
🌟 (27mm x 21mm x 11mm)
🌟Length with bail: 1.5" (38mm)
🌟 Weight: 15g / 55.3cts
🌟 Setting: .925 Sterling Silver
🌟 Moh's Hardness: 9

The four pointed star shows up prominently when you take it out under bright sunlight. Or try your phone's flashlight. Indoors the star doesn't show up well. The sun's shine really makes the star come through. See the last two photos compared to the others to see the difference of indoor vs outdoor lighting.

Comes with a gift box and ready to love.

This listing is for the pendant only. Want a chain to go with your pendant? Choose your fav chain here.