Flashy Hypersthene Sterling Silver Pendant

Flashy Hypersthene Sterling Silver Pendant

$85.00 USD
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Say hello to your new breathtaking Hypersthene crystal pendant. Features an open back leaf shape and metallic flashy shine.

This natural bronze colored crystal gets its name from the greek meaning "over strength". Hypersthene contains magnesium and iron and is a great crystal choice to wear when you want to feel stable and secure during times of anxiety.

Wear this pendant for grounding energies down through the root chakra. Hypersthene is said to assist with focusing and calming the mind from distractions and over stimuli.

If you're looking for a crystal ally to help with a social media detox and to help you better focus, consider wearing this Hypersthene pendant!

1.6" x 0.7" x 0.2"
40mm x 18mm x 6mm
Length with bail: 2.1" (54mm)
Weight: 10g
Setting: .925 Sterling Silver

The back of the pendant has slight natural indentations as seen in the last photo.

Arrives with a box and carefully wrapped. Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.