Eternal Flame Tugtupite Fluorescent Pendant

Eternal Flame Tugtupite Fluorescent Pendant

$850.00 USD
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If you're looking for something unique and rare, consider this beautiful genuine Tugtupite pendant! This natural Greenland crystal has pink and white tones that look like strawberry ice cream.

This teardrop Tugtupite crystal glows a bright salmon pink color in black UV light and intensifies to a brighter pink when exposed to sunlight. It is a beautiful symbol of an "eternal flame" of your inner light and would be a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one too!

Whether this pendant is for yourself or for someone else, this rare crystal will become an amazing collector piece for your jewelry collection.


Crystal: 1.1" x 0.6" x 0.3"
27mm x 16mm x 7mm

Overall Length:
1.5" (38mm)

Weight: 5g
Sterling silver bail and setting
Moh's hardness: 4

Tugtupite has been used by Greenland Inuits for millennia and is considered a mineral aphrodisiac of love. Tugtupite is extremely hard to acquire since the ground in Greenland is frozen for the majority of time during the year. Tugtupite is made of a rare beryllium aluminum tectosilicate.

Photos show the Tugtupite pendant under a UV light to show the fluorescent glow. I also included photos indoors under LED lighting to show the contrasting color change that occurs naturally with this magical crystal. Lastly, there are a few shots of the Tugtupite pendant outdoors under sunlight to display the crystal's tenebrescent properties (intensifies to a darker magenta color). The crystal charges up like a battery and maintains its darker pink tone for more than an hour!

Comes with a box. Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.