Genuine Emerald Palm Stone 2.2"

Genuine Emerald Palm Stone 2.2"

$149.00 USD
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If you're looking for something special, consider this beautiful Emerald Palm Stone for your crystal collection. This soap bar shaped crystal will fit ergonomically in your hand during meditation.

Work with or display this Emerald Palm Stone crystal on your shelf to radiate its beautiful green energy your way. Emerald is a green form of beryl. 

This beautiful green colored Emerald Palm Stone is natural and non-heated.

Your beautiful new Emerald Palm Stone will arrive carefully wrapped with a keepsake bag and ready to love.

2.2" x 1.7" x 0.7" (57mm x 43mm x 17mm)
Weight: 2.4oz (69g)
Moh's Hardness: 7.5 - 8
Origin: Brazil
Birthstone: May