Elite Noble Shungite Silver Pendant

Elite Noble Shungite Silver Pendant

$75.00 USD
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Instead of the typical raw Elite Shungite crystal pendants on the market, consider a more refined look. This gorgeous polished shiny Elite Shungite pendant is set in sterling silver and has a mirror finish that you can gaze into during meditative work.

The flame shaped Shungite crystal in this pendant is also known as Crystal Shungite, Noble Shungite or Silver Shungite.

Noble Shungite is considered the best quality shungite with a 70-94% carbon content rating containing more fullerenes. Shungite comes from the Zazhoginskoye deposit, near Lake Onega, in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia.

0.8" x 0.4" x 0.3"
21mm x 9mm x 7mm

Total Length of Pendant:
1.3" (32mm)
Weight: 3g

Setting: .925 Sterling Silver


Why Wear Shungite:

→ Shields against EMF and electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwaves, cell phones and more.
→ Protects your aura from negative and harmful energies.
→ The key is using the power of your intention. Set an intention of protection when you first receive and hold the crystal pendant (after first cleansing it with sound). :)

The camera captured the Shungite quite dark in the photos that it almost looks black. But the Shungite crystal in the pendant is indeed genuine authentic polished Elite Shungite in a super dark gray tone.

Comes with a gift box and ready to love.
This listing is for the pendant only. Chain sold separately.

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