Eclogite Bracelet - Garnet, Jade, Kyanite, Peridot Blend

Eclogite Bracelet - Garnet, Jade, Kyanite, Peridot Blend

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Add a rare red and green Eclogite crystal chip bracelet to your crystal jewelry collection! Photos show the range of bracelets available. Your bracelet will be intuitively chosen from available stock.

Eclogite contains garnet inclusions embraced by omphacite (a solid combo of jade, augite, and aegirine). According to Wikipedia and other online sources, Eclogite's metamorphic nature is also said to may have inclusions of Kyanite, Peridot, Quartz, Rutile, Zoisite, Corundum and rarely, Diamond. Eclogite is a rare and important rock because it is formed only by conditions typically found in the mantle or the lowermost part of thickened crust of the Earth.

Eclogite is an excellent crystal for raising energy and vitality. Eclogite brings protection to the heart and root chakras. Perfect for those needing a boost in self-confidence and emotional traumatic clearing.

Eclogite is a perfect crystal for children who need the strength to overcome obstacles like being bullied in school and for women or men in strained or abusive relationships. Eclogite helps motivate and allow one to honor their value and self-worth so they can make positive steps on their soul path.

♥ Dimensions ♥

Size: Standard (~7")
Origin: Greenland

Suggestions for Use:

♥ Place your Eclogite bracelet under the root chakra or over the heart chakra area in layout sessions. Works perfectly as it lays flat compared to tumbled or dodecahedron garnets that may roll off the body.
♥ Wear on your preferred wrist during meditation.
♥ When practicing yoga, wear this bracelet to help you stay energized, grounded and balanced.

Your Eclogite crystal chip bracelet will be carefully wrapped and ready to love.