Dumortierite in Quartz & Mica Palm Stone

Dumortierite in Quartz & Mica Palm Stone

$45.00 USD
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You'l love the energies of this Dumortierite in Quartz Chunky Palm Stone!

If you want to connect with your spirit guides, higher dimensional beings, discover your parallel lives and have amazing dreams and dream recall, Dumortierite might be your next fav crystal ally! This crystal can help activate your third eye and intuitive abilities.

Intuitively hand picked for energy and quality, this Dumortierite palm stone has a nice size for holding during meditation. Use it in a third eye chakra crystal grid or simply as blue crystal decor in your sacred space.

You'll appreciate the shimmer that comes from this particular specimen due to the quartz and mica inclusions. Not all Dumortierite shimmers like this, so consider yourself lucky if you snag this special beauty!

Your beautiful new Dumortierite crystal palm stone will arrive carefully wrapped and ready to love.

2.6" x 2.4" 1.4" (67mm x 62mm x 36mm)
7.9oz / 224g

Origin: Madagascar