Dark Purple Star Sapphire Sphere Crystal Ball

Dark Purple Star Sapphire Sphere Crystal Ball

$50.00 USD
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Small Dark Purple Star Sapphire Sphere

Star sapphires radiate their glorious inner star best when under direct sunlight. When you receive your Star Sapphire, take it outside under bright sunlight to experience its full potential.

The star effect from a Star Sapphire comes from inclusions of rutile in the sapphire. 

***See the photos and choose your fav sized sphere from the drop down. Size details below.


SPHERE 18mm (1 available):
18mm / 0.7" / 13g

SPHERE 20mm (2 available):
20mm / 0.8" / 17g

SPHERE 23mm (1 available):
23mm / 0.9" / 25g

Colors: Varying shades of Aubergine (a deep dark Purple), Purple and Lavender

Origin: India

Your Star Sapphire sphere will arrive carefully wrapped and ready to love!

Photo taken outdoors under sunlight to showcase the potential of the star asterism pattern on the sapphire sphere. Because these are natural crystals, please expect variations in surface texture, inclusions and coloring. There are no drill holes with the spheres.