Covellite Metallic Blue Crystal Sphere

Covellite Metallic Blue Crystal Sphere

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You'll fall in love with this rare Covellite sphere with mysterious reflective magical energy. This polished Covellite crystal ball is special because it has hints of purple sheen when viewed under sunlight or with a flashlight. This color combo of blue and purple is rare and will make a wonderful addition to your crystal collection!

Covellite crystals have a higher copper content in them which help release stuck energies and unlock memories locked inside your DNA from past lives.

Work with covellite in meditation, lucid dreaming and parallel life work to seek answers about your soul's experiences. The deep blue indigo color of Covellite is also useful for third eye and intuitive work.

1.8" / 45mm
8oz / 226g

Color: Indigo Blue
Moh's Hardness: 1.5 - 2
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat
Location: Peru

Computer monitor coloring and what you see in real life may vary depending on lighting conditions. Because this is a natural mineral material, please expect variations in surface texture and inclusions which are typical with covellite.