Chrysocolla Tumbled Crystal

Chrysocolla Tumbled Crystal

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Say hello to these quality Chrysocolla tumbled crystal beauties from Peru. Chrysocolla has a high copper content which helps with releasing blockages and stuck energies in the throat and heart chakras. This crystal's soothing and calming energies can help boost your intentions in your crystal grid and energy work.

This water element crystal helps to release emotional trauma so that you can replace that with energies of unconditional love. Some of the tumbled crystals in this offering have a blend of green Malachite and rust colored Cuprite which occurs naturally with Chrysocolla and all contain the metal copper for energetic release.

Size Dimensions:

Medium - 0.83" - 1" (shown in photos #1 & #2)
Large - 1" - 1.25" (shown in photos #3 & #4)