Chrysocolla Heart Adjustable Silver Ring

Chrysocolla Heart Adjustable Silver Ring

$52.00 USD
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It's love at first sight when you wear this beautiful Chrysocolla crystal heart ring set in 925 sterling silver.

Chrysocolla is a hydrous copper silicate crystal that contains a high copper content. Wear this crystal to balance the throat and heart chakra areas. This crystal has a soothing and cooling energy that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. Wear this ring to help you speak from the heart and to release any communication blocks.

Chrysocolla is a water element crystal and the stunning turquoise tones in this genuine crystal will remind you of your favorite tropical beach paradise!

0.6" x 0.7" x 0.2"
16mm x 17mm x 5mm

Band width: 4mm
Weight: 6g

Origin: Arizona, USA

Your Chrysocolla crystal heart ring will be carefully wrapped in a keepsake gift box and ready to love!

*The back part of the ring has a tiny indentation on the silver backing. This discrepancy not seen when worn since that part is behind the ring when worn. Pricing has been discounted accordingly.