Black Tourmaline Crystals

Black Tourmaline Crystals

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Everyone can benefit from using black tourmaline. Life's stressful situations can put us out of balance and this crystal can help center and ground you in times of need. Black Tourmaline is a excellent protection and grounding crystal. Black tourmaline has unique properties of being pyroelectric and piezoelectric. The best use for these beautiful black tourmalines is to create a protective grid around your home or property. This crystal is great for grounding and protection from harmful EMF. 

Indentations, caverns, vugs, varying or irregular shapes and inclusions are to be expected due to the nature of these crystals. By purchasing this crystal you agree to the random selection process. Choose from single terminated or rough raw specimens in the drop down.

Dimensions: ~1" - 1.5"

Photos #1-3 show the terminated kind. Photos #4-5 show the raw kind.