Large Black Tourmaline Generator Point 3.74"

Large Black Tourmaline Generator Point 3.74"

$318.00 USD
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Premium extra large BLACK TOURMALINE crystal. This terminated specimen is a collectors item of stunning quality with glossy shine that does not compare to the rough type of black tourmaline on the market. Black Tourmaline is a excellent protection and grounding crystal. Black tourmaline has unique properties of being pyroelectric and piezoelectric. Top grade quality Black Tourmaline this large is hard to come by and I hand selected this crystal for discerning buyers who want beautiful crystals for their homes and sacred work.This specimen sits flat and it's termination points upwards.

Use in a protective grid around your home or property. Great for grounding and protection from harmful EMF and negative energies. Keep one by the foot of your bed for grounding and protection while sleeping.

During meditation, I was guided by Spirit to give a message that black tourmaline generators that point upwards are best used for protection grids. They point towards the ley line energy arcs surrounding the planet to help harness your protective intentions. Then the crystal ground this energy down into the Earth and around your space.

Because of this hefty size you can pair it with 3 other pieces to create a home grid that surrounds your property. Or use this as a main central generator and use smaller or similar pieces around the grid perimeter. Everyone can benefit from using black tourmaline. Life's stressful situations can put us out of balance and this crystal can help center and ground you in times of need.

3.74" x 3.15" x 2.87"  (95mm x 80mm x 73mm)
Weight: 2lb 2.9oz
Origin: Brazil