Black Moonstone Chunky Palm Stone

Black Moonstone Chunky Palm Stone

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Meditate with a beautiful protective large Black Moonstone Palm Stone! The darker tones of these polished crystals have grounding energies compared to lighter kinds of moonstone.

Black Moonstone is perfect for new moon meditations, shamanic journey work, for shadow exploration work and for third eye, crown and root chakra connection.

When you receive your Black Moonstone palm stone, take it outside under sunlight to appreciate it's mysterious beauty. Your palm stone will be intuitively chosen to best match your energetic needs. Arrives gift wrapped and ready to love.

Length: ~2"  /   Width: ~1.75"
Thickness: ~1"  /   Weight: 3.3-4oz
Origin: Madagascar

Black Moonstone:

→ For intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and psychic abilities.
→ Use for astral travel, access to the Akashic records, past life recall and connecting with your spirit guides.
→ The natural dark coloring of this type of moonstone provides protective grounding.
→ Use this crystal for divination and boosting the third eye chakra.
→ Brings creative ideas into fruition and releases negative energy from the sacral areas.