Black Andradite Garnet Pendant - Melanite

Black Andradite Garnet Pendant - Melanite

$155.00 USD
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Wear a Black Andradite Garnet crystal pendant with geometric naturally formed shapes! Andradite is known as Melanite or Titanian Garnet. This raw garnet cluster is considered the most lustrous of all garnets.

The black color and energetic properties of this crystal are an excellent energetic tool for root chakra healing, grounding and auric protection. Black Andradrite Garnet is known to crystallize as dodecahedra or trapezohedra.

When you receive your pendant, explore the interesting sacred geometry that manifested in this crystal. There are many parallelogram formations formed from the crystallized formations in the Andradite Garnet which are great for regression meditations.

Cool fact: Garnet is one of only three crystals that have a single refraction property (the other two are diamond and spinel).

1.3" x 1.1" x 0.7"
33mm x 28mm x 17mm
Length with Bail: 1.8" / 46mm
Weight: 28g
Moh's hardness: 6.5 - 7.5
Chakras: Root, Earth Star
Origin: Russia
Chain sold separately.