Aqua Aura Time Link Portal Starbrary Quartz

Aqua Aura Time Link Portal Starbrary Quartz

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Say hello to your new beautiful Aqua Aura Quartz crystal point with natural starbrary marked etchings on one side and a beautiful seven sided main face. This special point also have 7 faces total which is interesting because most quartz has 6 faces. The seven sided main face and seven total faces of this crystal may be calling out to a special person out there who has an affinity for the number 7!

Interestingly, one of the thin faces on this crystal is super thin like a parallel doorway sliver. This is called a Time Portal Link, which are parallelogram faces by the main face of a crystal point that are used for past and parallel life meditations. You can see this thin time portal link in some of the photos as a thin sliver.

1.7" x 0.8" x 0.8"
(43mm x 21mm x 21mm)
Weight: 25g

This aqua aura quartz crystal is permanently vapor coated with gold that creates the watery blue tones on the crystal. There are even tones of lavender and green as seen in the photos depending on your lighting conditions.

This raw quartz crystal point hails from Arkansas, USA, a place known for high vibration clear quartz. There are also rainbow inclusions inside this point that you will love!

The gold infusion of Aqua Aura quartz is special in that it provides an energetic boost for chakra alignment and can heighten manifestation work for abundance.

Your crystal will be gift wrapped and ready to love. Please note there are natural small fractures on the main and minor faces as seen in the photos that occurred naturally during mining.