Amethyst Self Healed Point with Rainbows

Amethyst Self Healed Point with Rainbows

$35.00 USD
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Add this Amethyst Self Healed Point to your crystal collection. Has a natural flat polished base allowing it to stand freely. This deep purple amethyst point would make a perfect addition to your crystal collection or as a beautiful decor piece for your home or work space.

The self healed main tip has rainbow inclusions. This feature is a symbol that we can create rainbows of healing light from the fractures of stress that happen in life. Some areas are pointy so please be careful when handling this Amethyst.

Makes a great centerpiece for a crystal grid to boost intuition. Or display this amethyst inside your bedroom to promote calming bliss and sweet dreams.

3.5" x 2.3" x 2" 
90mm x 58mm x 49mm
9.3 oz / 265g