Amethyst Flower Silver Chain Bracelet

Amethyst Flower Silver Chain Bracelet

$108.00 USD
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Rock this one-of-a kind Amethyst Flower Silver Chain Bracelet! The sterling silver bracelet chains are adjustable and the purple stalactite Amethyst crystal slice is framed with silver and four prongs. The chain straps are double foxtail style chains with a lobster claw clasp and 6 rings to choose from so your bracelet has the perfect fit. 

1" x 0.9" x 0.3" 
(26mm x 24mm x 7mm)

Adjustable Length: Fits wrists from 6.5" - 8.25"

Amethyst protects and purifies your aura. A perfect crystal to wear during energy work, psychic readings and to boost your crown and third eye chakras.

For best care, remove the bracelet during any physical exercise or sports activity. Wear with care as Crystal Rock Star is not responsible for breakage.