Quartz Scepter Point 2.28"

Quartz Scepter Point 2.28"

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Check out this beautiful clear Quartz Scepter formation point wand from Brazil. This one of a kind rare scepter has starbrary markings on two sides. Scepter quartz has a natural rod attached to the base of the main crystal that make it great foe all sort of crafts or jewelry.

Dimensions: 2.28" x 0.67" x 0.67" (58mm x 17mm x 17mm)

Scepter Quartz are used for psychic surgery for removing energy implants, psychic hooks and negative energies. They were used by priest/priestesses in the healing temples in Lemuria. Make sure to energetically cleanse your scepter quartz thoroughly before use.

Your quartz scepter crystal will be carefully gift wrapped and ready to love upon purchase. Use this crystal as a meditative tool, to activate your crystal grid or for energy healing work.